Active with Amber first launched just before the summer of 2020, and the response to the first 4-week plan was just amazing. So many people bought dumbbells or dusted off their old ones, cleared a space in their living room or garden and used the plan to get fit, more toned and full of positive energy and the results have been incredible!

Since then the plans have helped literally thousands of people to fall in love with fitness and get the results they've always wanted. The overwhelming feedback from customers is always how great the results are and how easy the plans are to follow. 

'I've worked with one of the best personal trainers to bring the plans to life and I love every single Active with Amber plan so much. 

Since starting my plan, my body has changed so much. I never really aimed to lose weight, that wasn't really my goal was to just tone up and feel more confident in my skin, but over the duration of me following my plan, I've lost over a stone. 

A lot of people think that to get your dream body you need to have a personal trainer and go to the gym every single day, but I did this on my own, with a set of dumbbells, in the comfort of my own home.

No silly dieting, just real training and a balanced lifestyle.'